Flexible Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing: no long-term contracts, activation fees or hidden costs. Utilities can dynamically monitor the usage pattern and set critical peak pricing


Automated Data Collection

Automating collection of data in a heterogenous, multi-device/gateway environment. Remotely monitors and acquires data metered readings from power and water distribution lines all in a single console

Detailed Reporting

On-demand reports and real-time alerts identify faults and accurately pin-point incident areas. Notifies immediately in cases of abnormality such as current overloading, phase imbalance among others

Easy to Use

No specialized training required, installs and becomes operational in as little as 30 minutes


Secure & Friendly Technology

Developer-friendly environment including open APIs and SDKs, with a secure lifecycle management of IoT cloud services.

Billing & Planning

Enables the utility firms to improve the accuracy of billing, forecast the energy usage and perform demand planning for efficient operations