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At Atele, we believe that a dedicated staff makes a true difference in overall quality when it comes to the final product.
We'v had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now feel confident that we can provide you a professional, effective and reliable IOT (Internet Of Things) solution in a timely manner.

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Our product is aimed at providing intelligent measurement, feedback and monitoring for currently existing unidirectional systems commonly used in electricity transmission, distribution, generation, manufacturing processes among others.

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Remote Surveillance Service

An end-to-end security system solutions including security design and consulting, product management, remote monitoring. This is a remote approach to video surveillance systems, as opposed to an on-site video security system, here IP cameras that stream security footage to the provider’s site are installed at the desired location. Since RSaaS is managed in the cloud, users can access footage or cameras from anywhere at any time through a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Remote monitoring

Security design and consulting

Unlimited options and variations

Asset Tracking System

Mobile Asset Tracking Service

An end-to-end solution that provides the means to locate physical objects, collect data on its usage and whereabouts, and report on all activity. We provide a comprehensive suite of cost-effective, real-time coverage solutions for tracking trucks, trailers, containers and railcars, driver monitoring, cargo security and more.